• Quickly and easily register patient with all required details
  • Quickly search patients by surname, other names, telephone no, email address ID no. and other patient details.
  • Manage patient information where editing is needed for change e.g. insurance cover, employer company etc
  • View all the procedures done in the hospital and their associated pricing
  • Register patient under specific insurance company / employer company /staff account
  • Queue patient to different departments/rooms within the hospital


  • Queue or transfer patients to different departments/rooms
  • View in real time all patients in the various rooms and also all patients currently on the queue
  • Monitor service wait time and throughput in real-time
  • Patient waiting alerts for users
  • Patient dispatch alerts (for receptionist) when a patient request is made by a user (e.g. doctor/nurse/lab technologist/radiologist etc)
  • Track patient movement within the hospital
  • Improve service delivery by tracking waiting and service time.


  • Quickly and easily input vital signs of the patient
  • Review previous visits vital signs and if necessary edit the pre-entered vitals.
  • Enter nursing procedures
  • Send lab and radiology requests for in-patients
  • Record procedures and drugs issued to patients and update medical bill accordingly.


  • Quickly enter current treatment notes (supported by auto-fill/auto-search features)
  • View the vital signs of the patient as pre-entered by the nurse
  • Computer assisted differential diagnosis and presciption
  • Review previous visits notes, prescriptions, investigation and patient history
  • Prescribe drugs, order investigation and view result once posted by the relevant departments.
  • Prescribed drugs are reflected at the pharmacy where they are collected by patients.
  • Quickly enter diagnosis for each patient
  • Clinical instruction template to be filled by the doctor while sending lab, X-ray and Ultra-sound request
  • Patient bill is automatically updated whenever an investigation is requested or a prescription is made.


  • Lab technologist can view if requested lab test has been paid for before proceeding with the test for cash paying patients.
  • View patient insurance cover or Employer Company incase of company employees.
  • Manage all lab requests (Both Internal and external)
  • All lab tests are standardized and preconfigured in the system.
  • Quickly and easily fill lab results and send back to the doctor
  • Automatically generate lab reports indicating time of request and time test is done
  • Automatically append the name of technicians collecting and posting the results
  • View a printable lab report


  • Radiology technologist can view if requested service has been paid for before proceeding with examination for cash paying patients.
  • View patient insurance cover or Employer Company incase of company employees.
  • Manage all radiology requests (Both Internal and external)
  • Most radiology examinations are preconfigured in the system.
  • Quickly and easily fill results and send back to doctor
  • Integrates with digital diagnostic imaging devices and provides ultrasound and x-ray images viewing capablities by doctors and consultants.
  • Automatically generate radiology report showing time of request and time done
  • Automatically append the name of technicians collecting and posting the results
  • View a printable radiology report


  • Over-the-counter sales (if required)
  • Pharmacist can view if drugs have been paid for before issuing to cash paying patients.
  • View patient insurance cover for insured patients or Employer Company for company employees.
  • Can print prescription if required
  • Maximum and minimum stock levels (For stock control and re- order)
  • Ability to control expiry dates
  • Short expiry dates warnings
  • Automatic mark up on unit cost
  • Intra-stock movement
  • Special treatment to bonus stock and discounts

Shift Management/Clocking System

  •  Automatic user register (when user begins and ends shift)
  •  Finalize and un-finalize all medical bills at the end of the shift
  • Generate End-Of-Shift Cash reconciliation summary report


  • View all available beds
  • Admit patient to specific bed via the system
  • Carry out bed and ward transfer
  • Allocate bed and nursing care charges based on the bed occupied
  • Show in-patient status
  • Update patient's bill as drugs/services are administered
  • Finalize bills and automatically generate patient's medical bill report.
  • Discharge patient via the system and automatically generate discharge summary

Cashier/Patient Billing/Point of Sale

  • An integrated module that can be used for normal patient billing and also as a Point of Sale for over the counter sales.
  • Provides both stage-wise and centralized patient billing.
  • Advance payment for In-patient
  • Automatic update on patient's bill when a test/examination is requested
  • Automatic update on patient's bill when a doctor makes a prescription.
  • Receive payments on cash and cheque
  • Generate invoices for insurance and other company clients and also generate receipts for cash paying clients
  • Partial (stage wise) receipting for what has been paid for
  • Automated different item billing prices for different corporate schemes and customer accounts
  • Automated billing for patient Drug Administration Chart
  • Restriction of services for unpaid items


  • Raise LPO with options to email or print
  • View pending and unauthorized orders/LPO
  • Limit on amount a particular person can authorize on LPO
  • Commit LPO to pharmacy/stores
  • Create supplier bills
  • Automatic alerts when supplier bills are due
  • Batch payment on supplier invoices
  • Automatically generate supplier statements
  • View supplier payment history

Stores Management

  • Track stock movement i.e stock purchases, internal orders and sales
  • Issue stock items to other departments and/or storage locations
  • Automatic update on stock ledger once goods are received
  • Stock takes and adjustment
  • Generate variance report


  • Accounts Receivable (NHIF, Insurance & other Companies)
  • Automatically generate NHIF & Insurance Companies invoice statements
  • View statement per company at a click of a button
  • Allocate invoices once payment is received and automatically remove them from pending invoices.
  • Debtors account
  • Create Journal Vouchers

Accounts Payable

  • Accounts payable ledger
  • Supplier ledger
  • Supplier bills report
  • Supplier aged analysis report, month wise with an option of matching the invoices against the payments
  • Consultant doctors ledger accounts
  • General ledger accounts
  • Automated payment vouchers & remittance for payments
  • Merge GRNs, LPOs, delivery notes and the invoices

Accounts Reports

  • Sales ledger report
  • Sales Reports (Department wise/Item wise/Date wise)
  • Sales graphs (daily/weekly/monthly)
  • Accounts Payable ledger
  • Cash receipts, Cheque payment, payment mode Schemes
  • Aging Analysis for sales and debtors account
  • Bank reconciliation reports
  • Ledger account statements
  • Medical bills reports (Patient wise/ company wise/Date wise/ Status wise)
  • Trial Balance, Income Statement (P & L Account), Balance sheet

Messaging System

  • Broadcast messages to all users in the hospital
  • Exchange messages between users

Administration & Security

  • Each user has their own username and password
  • Unlimited user groups within distinct privileges
  • Assign user privileges according to group role
  • Centralized administration and set ups
  • Supported by high performance RDBS (Relational Database System)
  • Automated backups and fail over of the system

Other Reports

  • Out-Patient visit register
  • Laboratory Data Summary report

Why Medicentre?

  • The software is highly customizable to suit your exact need
  • It has a consistent and attractive user interface that makes it easy to use
  • It is fast, stable, reliable and secure
  • Perfectly integrates with your hospital workflow with unrivaled queueing system that simplifies patient queue management
  • Well organized and informative reports that can be exported to Ms-Word, Ms-Excel, PDF among other formats
  • Accounting module that smoothly integrates with all your hospital operations with minimum user intervention
  • Readily available and well organized data that can be used for clinical decision support, financial decision support among many others including executive decision support requirements.
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