TunaPOS is integrated new generation Hotel, Bar & Restaurant Software which converges latest Microsoft technologies with hotel business process. This business software solution addresses issues from multi-discipline angles namely customers, guests, staff, services, products, procurement, stores, kitchen, administration, accounts and finance. It is the best solution for Hotel, Motel, Bar, Restaurant, Holiday Home, Guest Cottages and any other business in the Food & Hospitality industry. It is a tested and stable software that your business can rely on while offering the user intuitive and simple user interface.

The software provides a solution to the hotel business process and workflow.

The software is divided into many integrated modules, each addressing a specific activity and all working together to facilitate better management of your hotel business with excellent customer service.

The system will help your business achieve the following objectives:

  • Automate orders and sales.
  • Automate reservations/bookings for rooms, conferences and other facilities.
  • Automate procurement.
  • Automate stores and inventory management.
  • Automate human resource.
  • Automate administration, finance and accounts.
  • Monitor all operations.
  • Automate business data backup and achieve a central database for all business data.

The software is designed to offer solution to the following businesses:

  • Hotels & Motels
  • Holiday Homes
  • Guest Cottages & Residence
  • Bars & Restaurants   
  • Milk Bars
  • Resorts
Cashier / Point of Sale

  • Touchscreen point of sale.
  • Supports multiple points of sale
  • Provides and simple menu from which to create orders
  • Raise sales orders and send them to stores/cashier
  • Provides creation of different types of categories for customers
  • Provides options for cash and credit transactions
  • Generate receipts for cash paying customers and invoices all credit sales.
  • Generate receipts for debtor payment
  • Offers various payment schemes (cash, cheque, mobile money, EFT, credit cards and debit cards – with an option of creating more schemes)
  • Automated VAT analysis
  • Reports indicating all sales done by every user/cashier/waiter

Facilities and Reservations

  • Create facilities e.g. Rooms, conference halls, gardens etc
  • Set rates for all facilities and services offered.
  • Check facility (rooms, conferences) availability.
  • Guest registration
  • Guest items registration
  • Generate reports for capacity utilization and facilities occupation rates

End of Shift Cash Reconciliation

  • Automatic user register (when user begins and ends shift)
  • Generate End-Of-Shift Cash reconciliation summary report
  • Generate cash receipts and payment schemes summary report (includes revenue units summary)
  • Generate sales and cash reports for every cashier/user/waiter


  • Raise LPO for stock items and services
  • View pending and unauthorized orders/LPO
  • Automatically update stock with Goods Delivered Note
  • Automatically create supplier invoice.
  • Merged LPO-GRN-A/P Invoice  reports
  • Automatic alerts when supplier bills are due
  • Pay supplier invoices and bills
  • Automatically generate supplier statements
  • View supplier payment history

Stores / Kitchen & Inventory Management

  • Supports multiple storage locations
  • Create different categories and sub-categories for all items
  • Add new and update existing stock items
  • Keep track of stock items supplied to the kitchen
  • Keep track of all food items sold in the hotel and balances
  • Alerts and reports for items with short expiry dates (where applicable)
  • Alerts and reports for stock levels
  • Track stock movement from purchases, return outwards, sales, return inwards, internal consumption and stock adjustments.
  • Adjust stock when necessary
  • Generate variance reports
  • Inter-departmental stock orders (issue items between storage locations and departments)
  • Automatic mark up on unit cost


Human Resource

  • Full employee registration with next of kin details
  • Ledger integrated pay slip generation
  • Printable payslips
  • Payroll analysis



  • Schedule and send important reports to emails and smart devices
  • Alerts notifications
  • Online access



  • Chart of Accounts
  • Journal Voucher
  • Allocate invoices once payment is received and automatically remove them from pending invoices.
  • Debtors account
  • Track sales cash and petty cash
  • Track petty cash usage
  • Create and monitor bank deposits
  • Write cheques to suppliers and also for other payments
  • Banking and bank reconciliation

Accounts Payable

  • Accounts payable ledger
  • Supplier ledger
  • Supplier bills report
  • Supplier aged analysis report, month wise with an option of matching the invoices against the payments
  • General ledger accounts
  • Automated payment vouchers & remittance for payments
  • Merge GRNs, LPOs, delivery notes and the invoices
  • Batch supplier bills (A/P invoices) payments.
  • Partial A/P invoice payments

Accounts Receivable

  • Accounts receivable ledger
  • Corporate statements
  • Accounts receivable aging analysis (summary / per customer / per organization)
  • Batch payments for A/R Invoices.
  • Partial A/R invoice payments

Accounts Reports

  • Sales ledger report
  • Sales Reports (Department wise/Item wise/Date wise)
  • Sales graphs (daily/weekly/monthly)
  • Aging Analysis (Schedule) for both payables and receivables
  • Reports for cash receipts, cheque payments and other payment modes
  • Bank reconciliation reports
  • Ledger account statements
  • Trial Balance, Income Statement (P & L Account), Balance sheet


Human Resource Reports

  • Employee history reports
  • Automated master payroll reports
  • Payroll analysis (PAYE, NHIF, NSSF, Loan and other payroll parameters)



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